Tuesday, 6 December 2016

8th Swedish Meeting for Mathematical Biology

Next week on the 15th-16th Dec the Mathematical Sciences at Chalmers/GU is hosting the 8th Swedish Meeting for Mathematical Biology. The first meeting was held in 2009 organised by David Sumpter at Uppsala University, and this is the second time the meeting is held in Gothenburg (last time was 2010).

The purpose of the conference is to gather Swedish researchers who use mathematics in order to understand biological systems, e.g. in evolutionary biology, epidemiology, ecology and cancer research. The meeting spans two days and consists of two invited talks by Ivana Gudelj and Luigi Preziosi. The remaining time is allocated for contributed talks with a typical duration of 20 minutes. Among these we prioritise PhD-students and young researchers. In addition to the talks there is also a poster session.

For more information please have a look at our webpage. It still possible to register for the meeting. You can do so by sending me an email.