Saturday, 20 April 2013

ESTRO Forum 2013

I'm currently attending the European Society for Radiotherapy & Oncology in Geneva, Switzerland. I feel slightly out of place amongst all radiologists and well-dressed oncologist, not to mention the salesreps trying to sell me massive MRI-machines and devices for brachytherapy (I admit I had to google that one). In any case I've been invited to speak about my work on modelling of metastatic spread and delivered the talk this morning. I focused on my recent work with Jacob Scott et al. from Moffitt on self-seeding, and I believe it was well received (at least I got a bunch of questions and comments).


Jacob Scott said...

What did they ask about?

Philip Gerlee said...

I got one question on the impact of heterogeneity, and truthfully answered that that is something we're currently working on.

Another question was about how the framework can be extended to take into account lymph node spread (in breast cancer).

And I also got a comment from someone who thought we we're doing a great job taking a critical look at this self-seeding business.