Thursday, 12 September 2013


The last couple of months I've been preoccupied with two things: translating and running. This post will cover the first topic, and other posts will follow on the second.

The object of my attention has been the translation of a book on scientific modelling that I wrote about two years ago in Swedish together with my colleague Torbjörn Lundh. From the very start we thought that this book would benefit a community larger than the Swedish speaking one, so we always had a translation in mind. The last couple of weeks I finally came around to it, and in the process I decided to keep track of my output. I've now finished a first draft and the below figure shows my progress. I was surprised to find how consistent I've been (the bumps in the curve actually correspond to section that were pre-translated in a previous effort). The average rate turned out to be 790 words/hour, which I'm pretty happy with. As I said this is only a first draft that will be polished further.

We already have deal with a publisher, but considering the copy-editing and pre-production work that needs to be done I don't expect the book to hit the shelves any time soon.

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